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    Taking responsibility for your wholeness is one of the most empowering things you can do. As you learn to be aware of what your body needs, feel what your emotions are telling you, think clear thoughts and connect to your spirituality, you can live a conscious life of wellness and peace. ​ The Library is always open Join the Conversation Join the conversation...

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    We greatly value your feedback to help us improve our show. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts with us. ​ For your time we would love to give you 10% off any item in our shop! Let's Get Started Event Name How did you hear about this episode? Social Media Email Newsletter Word of Mouth Website Other Event Date On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the overall experience of this episode? 1 - Very Dissatisfied 2 - Somewhat Dissatisfied 3 - Neutral 4 - Satisfied 5 - Very Satisfied Were there any elements that you found disappointing or could be improved? Please provide details: How would you rate the quality of the episode's content? Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor How likely are you to recommend participating in our show to others? Very Likely Likely Neutral Unlikely Very Unlikely What topics or themes would you like to see covered in future episodes? Any additional comments or suggestions for improving our show? Please write a review we can share along with a name. Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback! Your input is invaluable to us as we strive to enhance The Wholeness Network Show. SUBMIT Use code: urloved in the shop for 10% off! Quick View Natural Stone Heart 2PC Price $6.00 Quick View Natural Heart Shape Amethyst Price $13.00 Quick View Gemstone Heart Bracelet-Bronzite Price $30.25 Quick View Essential Oil Bath Balls Price $8.25 Quick View Shamanic Drum Price $29.00

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