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These useful and informative pages are yours to print off and use for your own healing and growth.
The Success Matrix.jpg

The Sucess Matrix

Create success in life with this interactive diagram.

worksheet 1.png

Feelings Worksheet 1

Help the feeling friends feel better.

Colors Worksheet.png

Feelings Worksheet 2

What color are your emotions?

Chakra Chart.jpg

Chakra Chart

Learn about each chakra and how they are supported.

tapping points.jpg

Tapping Points

Follow this pattern for the tapping videos or with your own scripts.


Meridians in the body

Understand the meridians of the body and how they work in the energy system.


Four Bodies Map

Understand the experiences of the four bodies in different emotional states.

Information from Body.jpg

Information from the body

Learn some ways the body gives us information and clues.

Energy Centers or Chakras_edited.jpg

Energy Centers or chakras

Location of the seven main energy centers or chakras.

Aura Information.jpg

Aura information

Understands about the aura.

Intuitive Gifts picture_edited.jpg

Intuitive gifts

A visual of the kind of intuitive gifts.


Chart of emotions

Many times we have a mix of emotions and understanding why can be helpful.

chakra info.jpg

Chakra information

Learn the characteristics of each of the chakras and how they are supported.

Image by Paige Cody

Must Read Books

A list of our favs and click to order.

 Mindfulness Mandala.png

Affirmation Mandalas

Beautiful coloring pages for adults and children.

Mindfulness Mandala .png

Affirmation Mandalas

Beautiful coloring pages for adults and children.

I am Loved.jpg

I AM Loved

A beautiful coloring page for adults and children.


Check in with the 4 bodies

Use muscle testing or your intuitive gifts to see what support the bodies need.


Connecting Conversations

Around the dinner table, traveling in the car, or anywhere in-between, create lasting memories with these conversation starters.  

Chart of Emotions.jpg

Chart of emotions

Power vs Force rates the emotions by frequency and affect on the body. 


Wheel of emotions

Use this tool to see what positive emotions  support your negative ones.

Working the Possibilities Worksheetpdf.j

Working the possibilities

Use this worksheet to break free from and discover your limiting beliefs.

Chakra intake & export of energy.jpg

Chakra intake and export of energy

Learn how the energy flows through the chakra system.

Aura Layers Information .jpg

Aura layers information

Understand about the aura, the layers and purposes.

Intuitive Gifts.jpg

Intuitive gifts

Descriptions of each intuitive gift.



I am statement.jpg

I am Statements

Use these prompts to create your own

I AM statements.


Feeling friends

Children need help understanding and identifying their emotions.

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