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Smita Joshi

Smita Joshi, an award-winning author, avid yogi and yoga teacher, High Performance & Transformaion coach. She’s the author of the Amazon bestseller the Karma and Diamonds trilogy. Inspired by real events from her own life, “Karma & Diamonds” follows a young woman’s gripping journey of Self-discovery across continents and lifetimes as she struggles to conquer  life’s conflicts and unpredictable challenges and then she starts heeding the inner voice.

Prior to writing the trilogy, in a business career spanning 25 years working with Technology giants as well as start-ups, Smita worked internationally with global leaders of the industry, winning multimillion dollar contracts, the largest being $ 1 billion. She was one of the first to bring India’s Information Technology services into the heart of British and European companies.

As a TV presenter and for her YouTube channel, The Self Discovery Channel – Smita she has interviewed leading poli<cians, entrepreneurs, and global gurus. She also creates videos on topics of self discovery, personal development, emo<onal and spiritual intelligence.


How to make the right choices

In this video Smita talks about following the deeper knowing that lies within you and making the right choices every time

How to stop seeking validation from others

In this video Smita explains how you can stop seeking validation from others and embrace your own power

Six Practices for Detachment

Here Smita explains why we hang to people and situations that do not serve us and how we can transform this behaviour

Practices for detachment Part 2

In this video Smita continues her teachings on detachment and transforming the behaviour that keeps us hanging on to people and situations that do not serve us

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