I Am Human by Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll

I posted this on Facebook not long ago without any explanation. I thought I might use this forum to give it a little context. One person commented on FB, "this is not how the world sees you." That person went on to say that women are treated differently than men and that black people are clearly treated different from whites, and concluded by telling me if I thought otherwise I was "in denial . . . [and] mentally ill." 

I thanked the commenter for the feedback and explained that my post is not about how the world sees people. On the contrary. My post was about who we are, how God sees us, and how we should see one another--without all the judgements, categories and qualifiers. People are not all treated the same, but they should all be. They should all be treated fairly and compassionately. And they will be when we all start seeing and speaking about each other as equally divine beings.

I'm tired of all the categories and divisions. People do it reflexively. They don't even realize it. I'm tired of news stories that begin with one-word descriptors about race, gender, political affiliations, or nationality--descriptors often intended to discredit the message or action of the person involved. When we are simply and wholly human, we are in our most noble form. When we are fully human, we are divine. 

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