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Craig and Jenny D

Craig and Jenny D

Craig & Jenny D give you the power to stop self-sabotage and take control of the circumstances in your life, creating a life by design.

As co-founders of Craig & Jenny D, Fusion Performance Institute and Retreats Re-Imagined they guide highly accomplished individuals and companies to amplify their results by redefining success from a holistic perspective including wellness, relationships, communication & business. They bring you a first hand account of the tools they use daily in their life that has allowed them to navigate through a life threatening illness back to full health and discover sustainable wellness.

They work with their clients in a variety of ways, through coaching, keynotes, workshops, master classes and retreats.

Craig & Jenny published their first book, How To Unleash Your Inner Power And Live An Astonishing Life: 30 Steps in 30 Days to Build A Foundation For Health, Happiness and Success in 2016 and are excited to announce their next book to be released in 2021, The Forever Solution: Your 3-Point Plan For Sustainable Wellness.

The question is, "How are you showing up in your life for yourself, your business and your family? And, what is it costing you?"

Join us to inspire and guide you to TAKE CONTROL of creating your life by design and stop living a life driven by circumstance!

For more information for individual, couple and family services, visit us at https://www.howareyoushowingup.com/

For more information on corporate services, visit us at http://fusionperformanceinstitute.com