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Alaya has helped people to discover and connect with the wisdom of their hearts and reach higher levels of consciousness for over 20 years. A globally recognized and acclaimed healing and transformational process, Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) has been acclaimed by MD’s, Osteopaths, PhD’s in psychology, PT’s, and massage therapists in the healing community worldwide.

HCT was not birthed from traditional academic studies but through the wisdom of Alaya’s heart, making it as authentic as it is powerful. Her path began in 1978 with a spiritual awakening that ignited the opening of her heart. She left the country for 10 years on a soul quest that took her to Jerusalem, France, Thailand, India, Germany and Hawaii where she studied with many spiritual masters.

In her search for truth, Alaya was inspired to look within herself and access her own inner knowing. She learned to listen deeply, to map and transform her own subconscious and to heal with tenderness and compassion. From her devotion and love for healing the human heart, HCT was created, forever changing the lives of thousands around the world.

Alaya is a dynamic, heart-felt very appreciated speaker. Over 1,000 students have attended an HCT class in the last 10 years. Alaya is also a co-teacher of Lymph Drainage Therapy seminars with her husband Bruno Chikly, MD, DO.