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Grief |

deep sorrow for something lost

Often grief is associated with the death of a loved one but there are many levels to grief. We can experience grief anytime we lose something that is meaningful. This can include the death of those close to us or just an acquaintance, the loss of a precious keepsake or item, the loss of a job or status, or loss of a way of life. No matter the cause, the feeling can become overwhelming if not processed effectively. 
Content Woman

Tapping Exercise

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Tapping uses the body's meridians to balance the energies and create new thought patterns and beliefs. 

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Immediate Release

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This technique calms the nervous system and brings balance to the emotional self.

Purple Lights

Crown Chakra



Connect with the highest vibrations in this visual meditation.

Moonlit Night

Beauty of the Night



There is beauty even in the dark.