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The Wholeness Network Advisory Board

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Olsen is a bestselling author who inspires audiences internationally with his intriguing story of perseverance and inner strength. After a horrific automobile accident took the lives of his wife and youngest son, also inflicting multiple life-threatening injuries to Jeff including the amputation of his left leg, he found the courage to survive over 18 surgeries to eventually heal both physically and emotionally to thrive in his career and community contributions.

Jeff has appeared on many national and international television and radio programs sharing his insights. Olsen’s latest book, Knowing, is a compilation of his earlier works, yet with even deeper insights and extended chapters.

Olsen continues to work as a Creative Director and participates on several Boards including The Wholeness Network, The Clapham Foundation, and as a World Ambassador for the International Association for Near Death Studies.

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Jeff O'Driscoll, MD, received his training at the University of Utah School of Medicine and completed his residency in Salt Lake City, UT. He is board certified in internal medicine and is a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, with twenty-five years of experience as an emergency physician in a level-one trauma center. 


In his trauma room experiences,

Dr. O’Driscoll frequently communicated with spirits who hovered between this life and the next. He saw people leave their bodies at the time of death and he experienced eternity with them.


In his fascinating memoir, Not Yet, Dr. O’Driscoll describes his otherworldly communications that began in childhood, shortly after the farm accident that took the life of his older brother. His experiences are both interesting and instructive. For those who wish to develop their spiritual gifts, this book is a must read.


In addition to Not Yet, Dr. O’Driscoll recently published six beautiful children’s books and his first novel. He also paints and sculpts. He married Sheila more than thirty years ago. They have five children and three grandchildren.

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Dr. Louise Jorgensen Department Chair in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Argosy University, SLC, Utah. She is a licensed clinical mental health counselor and board certified professional counselor.


Dr. Jorgensen has served in the mental health field for many years, beginning that pursuit in related services prior to her completion of a Bachelor’s degree. She maintains a private clinical practice specializing in individual, couple and family treatment of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, trauma recovery, and relational issues.


Dr. Jorgensen has received post graduate training from the Benson, Henry Mind/Body Institute of Medicine at Harvard Medical School in positive psychology and psychopharmacology. She is also trained in Emotional Focused Therapy, Psych-Kinesthetics, EMDR, Mindfulness, Energy Psychology, and Shame Resilience work. She has given numerous professional and educational presentations on these and other mental health topics. 

Dr. Jorgensen’s volunteer service includes being a member of two interdisciplinary goodwill teams to Africa providing career counseling, career skills guidance, AIDS education, and multicultural awareness.

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